The Dorset Village

If Dorset were a village with just 500 residents...

The People...

  • There would be 244 men and 256 women, with 28 more people than 10 years ago.
  • 1 in 4 of the residents would be over 65, and only 1 in 6 under 16.
  • 7 people would be aged 90+
  • The vast majority would be White, 5 people would be Asian, 4 would be of mixed race and 1 person would be Black.
  • Most residents would have English as their main language, the second most common language would be Polish spoken by 2 residents.

Their Homes...

  • There would be 236 homes in the Dorset village, 218 would have at least one usual resident, whilst 18 would have none.
  • Over a third of households would be headed by an over 65, with another third married couple households.
  • 18 households would be co-habiting and 17 would be lone parent households.
  • Out of the 218 households, only 34 would not have a car, whilst 89 of these would have 2 or more.
  • Only 3 of the households would be without central heating
  • 159 households would be owner occupied, 29 would be privately rented and 27 publicly rented from the council or a housing association.

Their Work...

  • 355 residents would be aged between 16 and 74 years, with 242 of these economically active.
  • 123 residents would be employed full-time and 56 part-time. 72 people would be retired with only 11 full time students. 10 residents would be unemployed.
  • Of those in employment 92 would have high-skill occupations, and 38 low-skilled occupations.
  • 89 people would have no qualifications, whilst more than 1 in 5 would have a higher level qualification (degree or equivalent).

Their Health...

  • 1 in 5 people would have a limiting long term illness but only 1 in 20 would feel that their health was bad or very bad.
  • 60 people would provide a form of unpaid care, with 13 of these providing 50 hours or more a week of unpaid care.
  • Over half of the unpaid carers would be female, and 3 unpaid carers would be in bad health.

This fictional place has been created by applying the county proportions within each topic to a population of 500 people from the 2011 census data.
Source: 2011 Census, Office for National Statistics