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Interact with our data

View our interactive dashboards covering a wide range of information by picking from the list below.

Dorset Council Wards 2019

This dashboard provides a profile of each of the Council’s new wards covering demographic, social and economic data

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Labour Market Risk in Dorset

This research looks at how automation risk, migration risk, skills risk and demographic risk might affect parts of Dorset in the coming years.

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Population Projections

Examine the population breakdown by gender and by age group for any DCC ward and district and compare it against the population distribution of DCC Dorset

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Excess weight in 4-5 year olds

This dashboard uses Public Health England's Ward data from 2014/2015 to look at the pattern of Excess weight 4-5 year olds across Dorset.

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Persistent Absence in Dorset

Persistent absence is a serious problem for pupils. Much of the work children miss when they are off is never made up, leaving them at a disadvantage for the remainder of their school career.

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Indices of Deprivation 2015

The English Indices of Deprivation help identify and prioritise areas to assist the government and other agencies in narrowing the gap between deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of the country.

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